Learn Vue Step by Step

This course is aimed at developers already familiar with basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but new to Vue.js. We will walk through the steps of setting up a simple app and will explain the fundamentals that you need to really understand how to use Vue to power your web apps.

The first few lessons roughly follow the official guide with the difference that we are using a slightly different approach of walking through a simple example app so that you can immediately see how everything you are learning is connected. The examples are a bit contrived for the sake of simplicity, but in future courses we will work through some real world problems instead.

At the end of this first course you should be able to set up your own project and build it using basic Vue components.

Lesson 1: Data Binding

Lesson 2: Basic Directives

Lesson 3: Event Handling with v-on

Lesson 4: Components

Lesson 5: Computed Properties

Lesson 6: Lifecycle Hooks